Your class was invigorating. Surprised to learn with proper alignment, I could do a lot more poses with ease – testament to what a great teacher you are!

Studio is nice, lots of unique classes such as stretch and melt. Love the stuff from contemplate cafe.

Looking forward to my next class to continue to deepen my practice.

Recent Newcomer, December 2017
FANTASTIC power vinyasa with extra attention on building up to a multi-pose flow or ‘stream’ throughout the class.

If you really want to improve your practice and get personalized attention from top-notch professional teachers, go to YogaStream.

I had been practicing yoga in New York with well-known ‘celebrity’ yoga instructors with large followings and packed classes. At YogaStream I felt like the quality of instruction was as good if not better than at the best New York studios, but with about 100x the personalized attention. The teacher who taught my Level 2-3 class was clearly very well-trained and gave multiple hands-on adjustments to help me improve my alignment. She also gave me a number of individual tips and demonstrations to help me with my inversions, all while leading a really fast-paced class. I got an incredible cardio workout AND can tell that my practice improved!

Catherine B, Princeton University, NJ
This warm, welcoming, and beautiful studio is like an oasis from my hectic and stressful schedule. I love the modern, yet, eclectic feel of the studio. The wood floors are specially designed to be kind to the feet and low back and the windows allow the natural sunlight to enhance the experience. They offer a variety of classes catering to all levels. From beginners to more advanced practitioners, every soul is welcomed and encouraged. Whether you are more spiritual or you enjoy a more physical practice, you will find what you seek at Yoga Stream. The teachers are skilled in teaching all levels and they are trained by Lara herself, a physical therapist with exceptional knowledge of alignment and teaching. I am a personal trainer with almost 6 years of functional movement experience and have studied extensively in anatomy and biomechanics, so I am extremely choosy when it comes to paying for exercise. I have never been disappointed with any class experience and truly enjoy every moment I am practicing at Yoga Stream.

I took my first class this past June and in 4 short months, my strength, posture, and overall body mechanics have drastically improved. I no longer need physical therapy for various shoulder issues and I have definitely improved some of my pesky compensations. I was so impressed with Lara and her team, I signed up for her teacher training, which has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. How is that for satisfaction? As a business person (accountant by day), personal trainer and now certified yoga teacher by night, I understand the nuances of budget. I chose wisely and looking forward to being at Yoga Stream as often as possible. I am forever grateful for Lara and Yoga Stream.

Kristi R., Pennington, NJ
I’ve practiced every type of yoga over the years at multiple studios and just found them to be standard/OK. YogaStream has been a great fit for me, with solid teachers who have helped me progress quickly.

YogaStream seems to have ‘re-designed’ yoga to be a better fit for people who sit a lot and are weak and tight in the abs and glutes, which is totally me. The flows are unique and focus more on strengthening your overall body, especially the core/abs. I feel invigorated after every class. And, I feel much stronger – friends notice my better posture, it’s easier to lift things w/o hurting, and I no longer have to wear my carpal tunnel braces at night since my wrists are stronger now 🙂 After years of searching, I finally found ‘my’ studio. Try a few classes out and see for yourself, your body will thank you!!

Brichen M., Lawrenceville, NJ
YogaStream is my go-to Princeton yoga studio. I live 1.5 hours away, and when I go up to Princeton, I actually plan my work schedule around YogaStream classes, particularly Lara’s! She combines strength and flexibility training with creative and uplifting sequences. The flow is non-stop motion with movements strategically designed to increase coordination, bone and muscle alignment, and positive thinking. Lara and the YogaStream instructors are hyper-aware of incorrect alignment, and 100% dedicated to pushing yogis to move more freely, with purpose and confidence. I highly recommend YogaStream for every yogi, no matter how you practice! After a few classes, will learn about your body in a way that makes you feel happier, lighter, and more in tune with your movements.
Emily P., A Place
My favorite yoga studio! I have practiced at many, many yoga studios and these are the best classes I have taken. The owner and teachers are so knowledgable about anatomy and alignment, I’ve never felt more safe in a class until coming here. It’s the best mind and body workout I’ve ever gotten through yoga. Awesome staff and customers, too! Great community.
Maddie W., Lawrenceville, NJ
I have slowly, against my will, been convinced to practice Yoga. This being said I am a self conscious beginner. My girlfriend asked me to join her at YogaStream. To say I was apprehensive is an understatement. I could not have been more pleased with the experience. It was easy to sign up for the class (sometimes that is stressful itself). I was assured I would love the experience and I did. Everyone I encountered was very welcoming. I would recommend this studio to anyone and look forward to going again myself.
April K., Hopewell, NJ
I absolutely love love LOVE this yoga studio, I have gone to yoga stream since it started on Spring St. all the employees are so welcoming and warm when you walk in which I truly love because it excites me to begin my class. The instructors I’ve had are extremely friendly, intelligent, and warm hearted. I began yoga as a total newbie, and not once did I ever feel uncomfortable in a class when I asked questions or had any about certain poses. I am going off to college next fall and I will definitely miss taking classes regularly at YogaStream.
Alana C, Princeton, NJ
I came to yoga classes because of heavy back pains, which resulted from many hours sitting at my desk. After a month of practicing at YS, I was feeling great and had no more back pains, which I attribute to the type of moves, and the focus on strengthening the core in conjunction with the rest of the body. The yoga style is a fusion of different disciplines, and many moves are exactly the same my physical therapist works with, which further convinced me that this was the real deal.

I am not a very intense person, and I try to go to three classes or so per week- in other words, I am not inversion-oriented in my practice (I would not mind getting there some day, but this is not my main goal and obsession). Teachers always give several options when introducing inverted poses for those, like me, who are not into it. No matter what class I attend, I always break a good sweat and feel soreness on the following day, which means that even less intense classes are challenging.

Sarahbey T, Princeton, NJ
YogaStream is by far the best yoga studio in the NJ/NYC area. Lara, the founder of YogaStream, is a superstar in the yoga-world, and her studio is imbued with her energy, creativity, and devotion to health and wellbeing.The studio specializes in providing safe, evidence-based yoga for all ages & skill levels, with an emphasis on making sure that all students receive the personal attention that they need. All of the teachers are amazingly well trained, intelligent, thoughtful, and caring. When I practice here, I meet people who travel FROM NYC to practice at YogaStream. If you’re new to yoga, or looking to take your practice to the next level of understanding, check out YogaStream! A+++
Mark A., State College, PA
I am in awe of the brilliancy and attention to detail this community yoga studio has to offer while instilling challenge and fun. There are classes for all levels to allow zero intimidation while building both the strength and softness towards maintaining wellness and optimal health.
Teresa R., Somerset, NJ