Basic Etiquette

Our studio, fun and social as it is, is ultimately a ritual space. Following a few simple rules will help make your experience and the experience of your fellow yogis seamless and enjoyable.

YogaStream Etiquette

Arrive at the studio a few minutes early so you can set up your mat, grab a block or two, and be ready to start on time.
Check in at the front desk before entering the class, and let your teacher know if you are dealing with any injuries or health conditions.
Leave your shoes, phones, and other belongings in the reception area cubbies, and hang your coat on the coat rack.  We highly recommend keeping your jewelry at home or in your bag; it can be distracting and sometimes even dangerous while practicing.  There are a few shelves at the back of each studio if you prefer to bring in small valuables like your wallet and keys.  But preferably not your cell phone…
Unless you’re on call for a potential emergency like a sick child, please do not bring your cell phone into the class space.  Even if you don’t receive a call or a text, the presence of your phone can pull you and others, even subconsciously, away from the practice.  Think of the studio as a tech-free sanctuary, protected from the demands represented by your cell phone.  Come on, doesn’t that sound great?
Please try to avoid using perfumes and colognes before coming to class—the heat of your body will intensify any scent.  Deep breathing is integral to yoga, and some people are particularly sensitive to odors, no matter how pleasant.
Don’t leave early unless absolutely necessary—the final resting pose, Savasana, is a powerful way to seal in the deep benefits of your yoga practice.  It also teaches your parasympathetic nervous system to consciously engage, encouraging your body and mind to release tension and stress.  The closing of the class completes the full experience of the practice.
…then exit quietly before the final hip opener sequence (usually Pigeon or Figure 4), to minimize disturbing others.