Tracy Ryan

YogaStream RYT-200

Tracy was always intrigued with moving to stay healthy both for her body and mind. She studied psychology and received a BA from Rutgers University. She became a certified group fitness and personal trainer however, as active as she was, arthritis and joint pain started being a constant echo in her body. Her trainings put so much emphasis on muscles and exercising specific body parts, she felt exercise alone did not address genetics and nutrition, let alone exercising the mind and body as a whole system. She was curious especially about the system in our body that stabilizes us and helps keep space between our joints. There was something missing in the repair to the wear and tear of our muscles and remaining physically fit.

She began studying in NYC under the guidance of exercise physiologist, Sue Hitzmann and learned The Melt Method. Melt is a self-treatment technique which rehydrates Connective Tissue System and rebalances our Nervous Systems. What amazed her even more along her journey was the study of fascia and how it felt in her hands. She continued to expand her knowledge and also studied kinesiology and neuromuscular education at the American Institute of Alternative Medicine and later became licensed to practice body work therapy in the state of New Jersey.

Tracy practiced Yoga regularly, but it was YogaStream’s first introduction to practice with warm-up and core work sequences that made sense. Tracy was always interested into smart exercising, so it was a no brainer that YS became Tracy’s new yoga home. Keeping up with empowering people to do all the things they love to do in life for a lifetime, Tracy currently teaches Melt at YogaStream. She currently has expanded her practice, The Movement Institute and as a Manual Therapist includes Thai work, Melt, and Movement Therapy. She spends her free time pain free with her fabulous daughter and fiancé, is an avid cyclist, learning more about ways to live sustainable, and loves spending time at the ocean.