Tom Richards

NASM Personal Trainer,YogaStream RYT-200

As a Division 1 football player, Tom’s personal interest in health, injury prevention and physical rehabilitation became his formative first step in pursuing a life-long career in fitness. Through the complex process of healing his own injuries, Tom was forced to deviate from the status quo and seek knowledge from those who apply a more scientific and evidence based approach to rehabilitation, fitness and performance training.

Tom obtained his personal training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) – one of the most reputable accredited organizations in the industry. He then advanced his skill set with specializations in Functional Movement Screens (FMS), Redcord suspension training, myofascial testing, kettlebell instruction, and other forms of assessment and corrective exercise programming. Furthermore, Tom learned specific exercise routines to fight the progression of Parkinson’s disease.

Since 2008, Tom has been working as a personal trainer, group fitness trainer and fitness director for gyms, athletic clubs and hospital-affiliated fitness and wellness centers throughout New Jersey. Tom is constantly seeking ways to improve the quality of life and athletic performance of his clients, from teens to geriatrics. He has developed a unique talent for evaluating movement and following “fascial” anatomy trains to identify the root cause of what’s holding someone back from performing at their optimal level.

Tom employs the philosophy of quality over quantity. He coaches his clients through their available range of joint motions while maintaining a strong and stable spine via kettlebells, suspension exercise, resistance bands, and deep core work. That philosophy and programming have proven to have great carryover into real life activities and sports. Combined with a healthy dose of positivity and encouragement, Tom truly strengthens his clients from the inside out.

In addition to his extensive list of trainings and certifications, Tom hopes to add another feather to his cap through YogaStream’s 200-Hour Teacher Training program. It’s safe to say that he never stops learning.

Tom loves to travel and thrives on working with his hands, building, sewing and gardening. He also enjoys wrestling with his two beloved Shar Pei rescues, Sorella and Serafina, and volunteers for the Chinese Shar Pei Rescue of Virginia.