Max Kolligian

YogaStream RYT-200

Max’s favorite thing in life is making people laugh, and he infuses this sense of humor, play, and lightness into his classes. He designs inclusive and modifiable flows, and delivers his instruction with signature positivity.  After working as an EMT in high school and studying psychology in college, Max’s fascination with the connection between body and mind led him to the field of exercise science, and propelled by his curiosity, he explored awide range of fitness disciplines and styles including weightlifting, running , gymnastics, Crossfit, dance, and team sports.  At Princeton University’s Fitness Center where he worked as a supervisor for over a year, Max recognized the role he desired – to support others on their own unique fitness journeys. Participating in Lara’s 2017 Teacher Training proved transformative in giving him an unparalleled method for doing just this.  Max encourages and guides others to gain a more comprehensive understanding of their physical bodies, through cultivating a fresh mindset in this work – one that encourages a kinder, more joyful, and more forgiving relationship with oneself. Come to his classes and be challenged to move with intelligence and laughter!