Jackie Rizzo Cascio

YogaStream RYT-200

Jackie is relatively new to the yoga scene, and just received her certification through Lara’s LYT program in the Summer of 2019. However, she has always been an active athlete and has been a competitive runner most of her adult life. Jackie has been through a lot these past few years, including three hip surgeries and a heart surgery. Doctors said she would never again have that active lifestyle she had grown to love. Thankfully, Jackie found Lara and YogaStream, who have helped her along on this journey to feeling stronger and better integrated with her body. Through her journey, Jackie has learned to have a never give up or give in attitude, which she wants to share and instill onto others.
Many people think or are told they may never be able to live their once active lifestyle. Jackie’s goals during this journey are to help individuals gain a better quality of life, and to make sure everyone has the chance again to feel strong in the body they were given. “We all are capable of feeling good in our bodies, I just would love to have the chance to help people get there, or even get back to that feeling.”