At YogaStream, classes are based on different levels. We find this to be the best way for our teachers to tailor their sequences and provide detailed, individualized instruction.

Wondering which class to take? Check out the descriptions below! If you’re new to yoga, recovering from injury, or have been away from your mat for a long time, we suggest starting with our Beginner or Gentle classes. If you’re an advanced yogi with experience in inversions and arm balances, come fly in a fast-flowing Groove class! And if you’re somewhere in between, you’ll find strengthening, empowering movement experiences in Smooth, Move, and Expresso, along with classes dedicated to strengthening your core, stretching your muscles and fascia, and helping stress melt from your body.

That being said, know that you are always welcome in any class—no one is ever turned away, and there is no test! Life is busy; many of our students choose classes based on scheduling, and all our teachers are able to provide modifications, both for beginners in a more advanced class, as well as additional challenges for seasoned practitioners.

Take a child’s pose whenever you need it, or throw in a handstand—it’s your practice! You are always free to modify. And remember: do what feels good, don’t do what doesn’t feel good!



This class provides the groundwork for a safe, sustainable YogaStream practice.  You will be introduced to foundational poses and Sun Salutations, with extra, detailed attention to alignment and anatomy.  This ensures that you’re not merely imitating images you may have seen, but that you understand internally how these poses are structured, and why.  The pace is considerably slower than our other Vinyasa classes, allowing your body, and—just as importantly—your brain and your nervous system, to process and absorb new material.

Meditation for Daily Life

Meditation is an ancient and scientifically proven technique that reduces stress and tension, helps improve concentration, and enhances health and well being.

Experience the benefit of meditation guided by Anne Mavis. Each class will prepare the body and mind to meditate comfortably.

Price: $10/class

Slow Flow

“Slow Flow” serves up a slower, less rigorous flow with attention to alignment, transitions, and breath.  It’s perfect for beginners, as well as for practiced yogis who want a change of pace or a little fine-tuning.


This Level 1-2 class generates internal heat through core engagement, and then leads you through active, flowing sequences with a little extra time in the poses.  Attention to alignment offers a fun intro to some of the more complicated postures.  You’ll have opportunities to spend time on your hands—a terrific way to spark core activity, balance out modern habits (like chronic sitting, driving, texting, and staring at screens!) and use your body in a new way, which has the added and exhilarating benefit of firing up fresh neural pathways!


This multi-level class for busy yogis clocks in at 60, rather than 75 minutes.  The sequences, pre-flow exercises, and Sun Salutations are streamlined to be slightly shorter, but you will still get the same attention to safety and alignment, deep core engagement, and a thorough, full-body strengthening and lengthening.  (We still recommend, busy as you are, that you stay for Savasana, to get the full benefits of your practice!)


You will move in this Level 2 class!  Expect to sweat and flow like a wave, with chances for arm balances and lots of inversions as a bonus elixir.  If movement is medicine, this class will give you your daily dose, as you source power from your core, open up and extend through your strength, and develop a sophisticated sense of how to organize, support, and move your body through space, whether you’re in Down Dog or a Forearm Balance.


This Level 3 class is the most advanced offering at the studio, in which you practice alongside the instructor.  You can anticipate a fired-up, core-powered, and playful flow, with plenty of opportunities for handstands, deep stretches, strength drills, plyometrics, and other challenges.  Experience with arm balances and inversions is highly recommended.  You will leave Groove flying high – centered, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world.


All levels welcome! Inspired by the overlapping principles of vinyasa yoga and Latin dance, this class uses the familiar YogaStream structure and playfully overlays cha cha body movements and rhythms.

AfterSchool Expresso

This all-levels class is open to everyone and especially designed for students after school!

Swagg rates ($10/class for all middle school and high-school students) apply so come get your afterschool fix of yoga 🙂


Movement and spirit seekers – this class is for you! It welds together elements of vinyasa, high intensity training, and chakra cleansing to bring you a unique and fiery experience. Challenging yet accessible, the class will invite you to your edge, to walk through the fire and burn even brighter. All levels welcome, expect to sweat!



Our core is not just the abs—it’s everything that is not our limbs and our head.  And a body with strong limbs but a weak core, like a wheel without a central spoke, cannot truly be powerful.  This class will use specific exercises and equipment to target and strengthen your entire core, giving you one of the most important keys to progressing your yoga practice and moving through life in an integrated way.  Feel the burn—it’s your own core empowerment talking to you!


Zumba is a total-body workout, combining all elements of fitness – cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, boosted energy and a serious dose of awesome each time you leave class! So, take the “work” out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. All fitness levels welcome.


The MELT Method, using soft foam rollers and MELT treatment balls, is a simple therapy for naturally reducing pain and tightness in the body caused by repetitive motion, patterning, and stress.  MELT, by nourishing healthy connective tissue and a balanced nervous system, will help you improve athletic performance, increase range of motion, circulation, core strength, and joint stability.

MELT on Yoga

Help improve athletic performance, range of motion, and joint stability combining Yogastream’s core-integrated movement yoga practice and MELT Method’s use of performance rollers and hand & foot balls. Let this be a fun way to empower you to start your day!


A dynamic warm-up followed by prolonged, low-load stretching of all the major muscle groups in a heated room makes this class a must for sore, tight muscles.  The use of a strap and teacher-assisted soft tissue lengthening, along with small class size, allow for detailed personal attention.  Come give those tired muscles a S-T-R-E-T-C-H and leave the studio feeling lengthened and lighter.

Pilates Mat

Pilates low-impact mat exercises use precise, controlled techniques to tone muscles, create “powerhouse” core strength, and work the body-mind-breath connection.  Originally developed to help rehabilitate injured soldiers, Pilates has been used by dancers for years to create and sculpt lean, long muscle mass, and has evolved to become part of many modern physical therapy routines.